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Fearlessly take your business to the next level. Get those deals, be the

face & heart of your business.  We've got the rest covered.

We are Nawena, we are with you!

Keeping your business foundation sturdy

With combined experience that spans over 15 years, we provide virtual administration services that take your business, startup, coaching business to the next level. Just like a building needs a solid foundation before it goes up, we bring the stability that your business needs to grow and scale from.

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Investing in a Virtual Assistant will:

  • Give you time to balance your business and your outside interests.
  • Allow you to do the fun & passion filled stuff in the business. The stuff that you loved to do in the first place.
  • Ease the anxiety of having to learn so many systems at the same time.
  • Allow you to brainstorm on ways to scale your business without wondering if you can handle the admin and social media too.
  • LET. YOU. REST. (Rest is important, you know)

What we Offer

A virtual assistant generally keeps your business organised, keeping an eye on the little details and tying up loose ends that you may miss. What we, as Nawena Virtual Solutions, provide for our clients and their businesses in addition is outlined below:

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General Administration

A business is not a business without strong administrative support. We'll organise the unseen yet crucial parts that keep your business running.

For Project and Operations Management, click here

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Social Media & 

Community Management

Social media is a powerful marketing

tool; a great way to connect with current

and potential clients. Our skills will help you get in touch with your global village.

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Ad-hoc Services

You may need a few tasks done here and there. This is the option for you. Choose only the tasks you need completing, and we'll take care of them.

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Thank you for helping me set up my blog and my social media pages. They came out way better than what I imagined.