Rutendo & Lucy

The Story of Two Friends

Our friendship was cemented in 1997 on the very first day of high school. Since then we have enjoyed a true friendship, whilst building solid trust and establishing a productive working relationship. After over 15 years of studying, travelling and working in creative, operations management and medical fields, we found that our accumulated experience & desire to gain independence was conducive for launching a Virtual Administration business. Our great friendship, complementary skills and vast professional experience have helped create Nawena Virtual Solutions. 

Allow us to bring our professional strengths to contribute in building your business’ growth and success! 


To be a leader in the Virtual Assistance space. To better shape the way the industry works, not only for business support but also for the mentoring and coaching of upcoming Virtual Assistants. To leave a legacy of thriving businesses, and successful Virtual Assistants. 

Mission Statement

To be a dynamic, reliable and strong online support for business owners.

"Seeing businesses flourish is exciting, knowing that you had a crucial part to play in making that happen."


Rutendo & Lucy by a computer.

Work With us Because:

Nawena Virtual Solutions is a Black, African, Women-Owned business. We have lived and worked in and outside the African continent. We understand the nuances and needs of businesses worldwide  and strive to create an inclusive & safe space for our clients.

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